All Grown Up! was actually a request for lots of fans of Rugrats. They made it as a 10th anniversery spinoff to Rugrats. They were first shown as them all grown up (Tommy-10 Phil-11 Lil-11 Chuckie-12 Angelica-13 Susie-13) when they fall out one at a time of the closet. It was so successful they made episodes of it. But, in Season 2 they changed their appearences. Tommy had taller hair, Chuckie's changed colour, Phil and Lil's changed completely (Although Lil dyed part for her hair and different colour, and Lil's grew much longer than Phil's) but Dil's stayed the same. They seemed taller too.

It went on for 5 seasons till coming to a permanent close to making more episodes. It seemed to appear on TV as well as Rugrats on Nickelodeon. They made All Grown Up! as a family comedy. 

All grown